Sunday, June 3, 2007

Where Am I?

I was there,
And today,
Where am I?

There is a trench,
A pitfall, a valley
Between yesterday and today,
And perhaps I lie there
In that hole.

I recall each morning,
"Cellphone, wallet, files"
And today I checked,
I was missing.

Where am I?
Where the sky bends down,
To kiss the earth,
A lie as naked as truth...

Where the Sun hides,
In the blue waters,
After a tiring day,
Another lie...
I lie somewhere there,
Oh, do I really exist.

Yes, I do,
In mirages and shadows,
And in the Echoes.
Or,am I lost
In that trench
Between yesterday and today?


They have named me.
And I don't really care.
Are they right?
I am not wrong, I know.

I walk on the streets
At my own pace.
No hurry to reach home.
Who is waiting there for me?

I dream, quietly,
And I let them remain dreams.

I think of my old school bag,
To put all my dreams in it,
And throw it away.

I haven't reached home yet,
And I don't feel like walikng,
I want to sleep.

Where the dreams lie.
On orphaned footpath,
In bloomin buds,
Bellow beckoning moon,
On gold beaches,
On blue silver waves in sea.

Am I careless?
Ask them.
They care, not me.

And when I die,
Tell them to inscribe,
On my grave-