Wednesday, March 4, 2009


That show...
In the illuminated darkness
Of a nostalgic dream.

That say...
In the most cherished letter
Never meant to be.

That remain...
After a beautiful reunion
Of dearest childhood friends.

That linger...
In the bitter sweet nights
Of an insomniac traveler.

That hide...
In a tottered page
Of agonizing ignominy.

That echo...
In silent journey
Of dream and reality.

That sleeps...
On the sidewalks
Of time running away.


You and I

I have known you,
Like dreams, like angels,
Unreal, fantasy...
And you call me.

I reach for you,
With the moonlight at your window.
I hide in your eyelashes.
Open your eyes
Let the light come in my world.

For ages, centuries, eons...
I survived
Tucked in the curls of your hair
Falling over your face.

I breathe slow,
In the soft rhythm of your breath.
Let me touch your lips
Like nascent dew on petals
I want to melt away.

My little fingers
Tracing destiny on your palm
I write in the language unknown
My destiny with yours.

I write this poem
In your words,
I speak as you,
My voice merging with yours
And fading in the echo.

My soul is lost
In the halo of your being
I am but you.


My life has a little opening,
That leads straight to hell...
I shut my eyes
To save from nightmares,
To stop peeping through that crack.
This is how I dream.

I have seen ghosts,
With wide awake eyes,
Their eyes, faces and shadows
Like you and me...
But I never know
If one walked right into my life...
Into me?

Often I think
When did this crack first appear?
I have forgotten for so many days
I have lived at this doorstep of hell.
May be...It was always there.

And yet there was a time,
Of angels and lullabyes
Of true promises
And pristine love...
Those were the days
I never looked at that opening.

Last many nights
I feel this urge
To walk behind that crack
And vanish into the hell
That has slowly crept into my life...
Through that opening.