Saturday, May 28, 2011

On A Day Like This

I have tossed the afternoon sun,
Down from my terrace...
Through the dusty air and city smoke
Somewhere.. i don't care.

I like the evening,
Its grey color and tall shadows..
I like the way it rushes
To its end... in evening trains
And rain-washed streets.

In the little pocket
Of my sweat stained shirt...
Time lies still..
Beating slowly with my heartbeat..
And just as meaningless...

I have peeled the layers of grey
From the aging face of sky
And left an ugly scar
On the naked beauty of moon.

This is my night..
And i own it..
Its every moment

Is held still in my breath
And released with a shy..

The distant Sun conspires..
What do i care?
For the brick red mornings...
The school going kids
And their stolen innocence..

I close my eyes
To the haste on some bus stand
Breakfast news
Crisp white uniforms
And the city clock...

My time sleeps quiet
With my dreams..
And we dream ..
Beyond this tired day.

(c) Ankur Srivastava