Thursday, August 30, 2007


An open bottle of wine,
And ecstasy flows,
And shines,
Broken to drops,

In a lonely room,
Lit by memories,
Of broken promises.

The ghosts hide,
In closets locked,
Never to be opened.

The world peeps,
Through cracks,
And I dont hide my face,
I smile,
Alcohol sustains.

Euphoria survives,
In fits and starts.

An icey cold edge,
Of devil's sword,
Comes from the lies lived.

I whisper goodbye,
Before the madness ends.

Copyright(c)Ankur Shrivastava


Their is a place,
Where days are painted in bliss,
And laughters ring,
Of trivial chats, comforting words.
It's called home.

If you look back you can see,
Your childish wish,
Still shimmering in warm nights.
A jerk of heart and tears rolling
On dusty evenings.

Where words are true,
And expressions pure,
Where prayers spell of faith...
And promises are kept.
Such a place is still there,
It's called home.

I once chased the questions,
Of curious mind.
My wish to fly,
I wanted to explore
The greens, the browns, the blue.

Now, I seek answers,
For a restless soul.
I have sold my wings,
And got my little slippers,
I am running away,
Running back,
I am running home.

copyright(c) Ankur Shrivastava

Monday, August 6, 2007

Be Delicate, My Love!

Be delicate, my love!
When you wake me up,
From my dreams.

And save me,
From the harsh sunlight,
Tuck me safely,
In your dreamy eyes.

Be delicate my love,
When you wake me up.
A dreamer I have always been,
And dont tell me please,
That I am a man of empty dreams.

We walk together,
Through this hollow tunnel,
For the sweet lights,
Of mornings we have dreamt for.

At the end of this tunnel,
Grant me one more night.
Where dreams breathes quiet,
And moon smiles,
Silver white.

Let me steal a dream,
From this fading dark.
My heart has lost its rhyme,
Kiss me one last time,
Before I wake up to find,
The dreams are all gone...

Be delicate, my love!
When you wake me up.