Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Ecstasy Of Pain

Two eyes awake in pain,
Beads of tears dead.
Dreams lie quiet, afraid, still.

Lips twisted in a smile,
Dry flaky lips,
They don't understand,
They can only feel.

A whisper echoes
In deep well of solitude,
Where despair sprouts up,
Roots of hope can never reach.

I pick up my paint-brush,
A crimson dot on blue canvas;
Colors reflect dimly.
Clouds wander, homeless,
They don't rain now,
They just wander.

The load of pain
Seems too heavy.
I burn them to ashes,
And burry in the ground.

I kick the earth,
Wounds open up again.
Ah! The ecstasy of pain,
I bleed, I walk.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Two poems from euphoria and despair

You can't understand all emotions, can you?


We will meet again
After a long time perhaps
But for just one moment
We will meet for sure.

We will sit together
No words, no talks
No past to hold to,
No future to hope for,
Just that one moment...
That solitary moment;

Looking into each other's eyes
Not with the love
That brought us so close;
Not with the differences
That tore us apart;
Clear as dewdrops
Pure as morning light,
Just that one steady gaze
The only regard of the only moment;

You will know you
And I will find me,
You will have me
I will have you,
We will smile softly
At our foolish ignorance
That lasted so long;

That one moment will be
The only life of this life.

2.You or I?

You call me in the nights,
knowing that i fear darkness
and loneliness
my only loyal companions;

I answer your phone in deep slumber,
"i love you" is all i say,
all i have ever said,
all i can ever manage to say.
And you hang the phone i fall asleep.

"Insensitive", you may call me
but i have grown numb,
it has been my life....

I wake up with
streaks of dried tears on my face.
Unable to remember
who cried last night
YOU or I?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Two Short Poems

Two short poems on entirely differnt themes,

1. A Mystic Dream

With virginity of
a dew drop,

Lure of
A distant horizon,

Hope of
A long summer night,

Warmth of
A winter sun,

Blessings of
An awaited rain,

I painted a dream
On a lonely moon...
And found You.

2. I Live In You

My love dwells in your heart
Like a baby in the womb
Of surrogate mother,

Unwanted, perhaps not cherished
Yet nurtured with great care,

Arising emotions conflicting,
Yet so tender;
I live in you.

Letter To The God

Dear God,
I hope you know how to
read and write,
Please answer my letter.

They say nothing can hurt You,
I wonder You don't understand pain!
If that's the case,
How can You heal it?

They say You love everyone alike.
But love is such a biased emotion!
Is Your love for me
Different than my mother's?
Then it must be "lesser love"!

They say everything happens
by God's will,
I hope its not true,
Or You would have died of guilt!

God, we don't need You.
We need a friend of Humanity!
We bully and abuse our friends,
And fall back to him
In times of crisis!
We don't worship them,
It draws a line!

God, I know I am foolish,
But You are wise,
Enlighten me, answer my letter.

God, a little question I have...
Are You a spoiled little child?
And this earth your Video Game?
You make us jump and fall,
And you bomb us away?
You laugh at our plight?

Please Answer my letter.
And don't mind.

Yours doubtfully,

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Favourite Poem

This is one poem of mine that I am really proud of, cocky as I may sound!
Well, who demarcates between right and wrong? How clear and sharp is the line? And what about those who live at the edge not because they are bad but because that's where they get a little space to live? Just a poor excuse? Read on,

SIN !!!
The heavy knife swung like
A sword from the hell,
Minutes before it was like his son,
Now it is just "chunks of meat".

He dared not look in its eyes
Its cry ripped apart his heart,
This one was particularly dear to him
But after all it was a lamb
And he is a butcher.

He could have spared its life
He loved it so much,
It was such a sin...
But what about them
Whom he slaughtered daily?
They too had a right to live
But he killed them
So he had to kill it.
Killing innocent creature is a sin?
How will he bear the load
Of "a life lived on sin"?

But he has a daughter of 21
He must marry her off this year,
His old mother cannot live hungry
After the tiring life she has had,
And his sons must study
they have to be different
Not like him who learnt nothing else..

He avoids the questions in his mind,
Spreads his heavy blood stained hand
And asks for MONEY.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Two Love Poems

Well, I wonder why do people love because it seems that love brings so much pain but then I also think that you can't love if you don't know what pain is. It's in the darkest trench of pain that we know the real depth of love. And so I write,

1. An Ode To My Love

Burdened with time,
Broken into nasty days
And sleepless nights.
A moment remains free,
Undivided, whole, infinite.
The moment I spend with you

My soul-
Buried in a figment of universe.
Bound to hatred,
Lies hunger and defeats.
And I cling to you
With delicate rays
Sharing your warmth,
Luminosity and life.

I am-
Insecure and afraid
Of the conspiring tides.
Looking for hiding,
Your love spins a cocoon
And I survive the storms.
Come closer, my love!
The sobs of my grieving heart
Will merge into your rhythmic beats.
Mourning voices dissolve
In an enchanting love song.

O My Love!
Leave me for a moment not.
Embrace meand be my wings.
Let me fly
In your serene dark eyes

2. Valentine's Morning

The moon gazer held her hand,
As the night was about to end.
He prayed hopelessly
To hold back the last moments of night.
The sun was about to come.

Through her hair,
He reluctantly looked up.

The bond they shared was special,
It wasn’t a mere touch,
Their flesh almost merged together.

She smiled at him,
He smiled back,
A faint moonlight across their lips.

But Heavens never liked them.

As the sun came on,
Furious and brutal,
They embraced each other tightly.
Trying to forget the reality
That surrounded them.

The last words he whispered
In her lips,
“I saw a dream
And it winked at me.
I touched it And it vanished.”

Sunday, February 18, 2007

All Alone

One of my first poems, and the one which I read when I feel down,


I am all alone
But don't come with me.
No, i need none.

Don't listen to my screaming soul,
Don't follow my bleeding legs.
They all lie,
They only make my efforts foul.
I am telling the truth
I don't need you.

You will leave me in midway
May be I would collapse then.
So let me collapse now
Atleast I will try to rise.
Don't hold me in your arms,
Set me free to fly.
I will fall down happily otherwise,
Atleast, i will kiss the wind.

There is no medicine to heal my wounds
I don't want your intoxicating touch.
Because that will only fool my senses;
After you are gone
It wil ache more than ever before.
So let me bear this pain
It doesnt hurt anymore.

Let me walk alone
Don't come to help me,
If u wish...
Watch from a distance,
And hope that i rise again
Each time i tumble down.

Because this is my road;
I must walk with my load
And i must walk all alone....


Nah re! The thought of killing myself never crossed my mind, but isn't it shocking that many people kill themselves?
Think about it, how painful it is.. To think of getting away from all your loved ones, leaving them to weep. What forces a man to kill himself...?
Failure in exams ?
A hopeless career ?
Being ditched by lover ?
Problems in married life ?

But, have you ever thought that in times of disaster like Tsunami, people lose all they have, much more than love, money, home, family combined.... everything, yet they fight to survive. They die crying for help, frantically trying to dodge death... and someone walks to the cliff and jumps off, or swallows pills, or burns himself....
Think about it guys! I will write more, But when one of your friends or even acquaintances faces depression, help him out of it... don't think twice, do your bit.... you may be saving a life.