Tuesday, April 12, 2011


In the deep well of thoughts, 
words have dried up somewhere.. 
I can still stack up sentences 
And give you my story.. 
With a pinch of lie 
Some secrets dressed up..

But then i have taken the other way.. 
To scrap away every little line 
From the paper 
And make them stand 
On that riverside 
where i waited for her in my half dreams.. 

I tried to give words,
a voice, a song 
That could light up 
The grim darkness of a lonely 2-bhk. 

Then i discovered 
like the cuckoo in the nest.. 

This world is not mine.. 
neither is this my story.. 
and no, my dreams were too inspired.. 

I have tried too hard, 
Won too easily 
And lost so narrowly 
in love and life.. 

on a blank piece of paper 
i put my signature..
On the bottom
that's how i like it, absolute silence .. 
no prayers, no cries..
no half-lies

(c) Ankur Srivastava