Friday, April 27, 2007

Death Of Love

In the court of love,
We stand still,
Heads bowed,
Two lovers,
Accused of killing love.
Remember our last date,
Sitting across the table,
With nothing to say,
No one to listen.
We ate our own words,
Promises and dreams,
I, the eternal dreamer,
Now feel the pang,
Waking up...
You, too intelligent,
Today begging for dreams,
To keep a hope,
To live a lie.
This pensive sigh,
This urge to die,
Is all that we still share.
As we walk together,
For the last time.
our love shows the way,
To our separate graves.

Birth Of Sproutlet

A seed was thrown away,
By a dusty, hot, summer wind...

It fell down,
And was never picked up...
It was neither flower nor fruit,
An ugly seed.
But it lay safe.

Layers of earth piled up,
Weighed by it's wieght,
The little seed
Dreamt of the sun and the stars.
An overpowering wish,
To live again
Swole in its shrinking, starved gut.

Where sunrays could never reach,
A blessed rain seeped in.
A little caring drop,
Propelled the adamant seed.

A tiny sproutlet,
The son of darkness,
The warrior of dust;
Broke the layers of massive crust...

Smiling it came up,
Delicate yet so strong.
Bang into the eyes of sun,
The sproutlet winks with joy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Day In Love !

We wake up together.
Your warm breath,
Falling on my neck..
Senses coming to life.
Ah! One more day in love.

Your eyes,still sleepy,
Sunlight seeps in..
Through your eyes,
In my life.

A welcome kiss,
As the sun takes a dip,
Stars in your silky hair.
Your voice,
Singing a lullabye...

A hook undone,
The glorious moon arrives,
In this pale moonlit night,
In your anticipating starry eyes...
A dream i wish for you,
In your fragnant breaths,
I have kept it there..
Safe between my lips.

One more day in love,
Our goodnight prayer.
And love listens.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Missing Star !

In an unending night,
You looked out of your window,
A dim star I was,
But your gaze gave me light.

Shinier than ever before
In the light of your love,
I challenged the sun.
I killed the dark ness,
And we grew fonder.

Your heart ached for me,
And I came closer to you…
We held hands and walked on
I was then your beloved lamp.

In a moment of passion,
You embraced me with your soul.
In your heart I found a new sky.
You called me your flame
The flame of life.

Now, the journey was yours,
I carried on,
Giving you warmth and love,
My very own blood burned
To keep the flame alive.

Your road has reached a dead end
You are reluctant to turn back,
And afraid to jump off.
I can show you no way
For there isn’t any.

Through all this,
I have completely forgotten
That once I was a star.
And I don’t know what I am now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Ecstasy Of Pain 6

The Journey !

A rainbow washed away,
In a torrid rain.
An urge to fly
With clipped wings.
Beauty brutally raped,
Virgin body, battered soul.
In this weird world,
No surprise, I walk alone…
Desires burned away.
Hopes brushed aside
Dreams long forgotten.
Carefree steps,
A thumping heart…
Pain flows in the vessels.
Rampaging as a river.
A haunted winter night,
Remainig embers of guilt
Keeping me warm.
Notions falling apart.
Memories fading away.
A fresh beginning,
Every step.
Shadows chased
Horizons challenged.
On roads never visited,
Journey is the destination.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Ecstasy Of Pain 5

No Tear Is Born!

Somewhere in a quiet universe,
Silence grows into a lull
And ultimately shatters itself.

Darkness melts in darkness,
Thick as blood,
Rigid as clot,
You can almost see through it.

In haunted ignominy,
Solitude remains your only friend,
The dreaded comes true,
You fall in love with it.
Solitude is a brutal soulmate.

Some wounds can never heal,
Neither with love
Nor with time.
They integrate with your being.
A wounded existence!

In a ruined womb of pain,
No tear has ever been born!
It aches and bleeds,
A terrible spasm,
No matter how hard you push!

In a ruined womb of pain,
No tear is born!

The Ecstasy Of Pain 4

A Quite Smoke

As I sit there
Smoking away my good old days,
Memories both sweet and bitter.

Cremating my own heart,
I see it turning to ashes.
A dimming light
What used to be a vivid spark.

Oh! my imprisoned soul,
Away she
As smoke-rings.
Oh! let me fly
These are my fairy wings.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

With You Or Without You

You try to read my eyes,
And I can’t tell you in your face,
That you read nothing,
You understand nothing.

My dreamy eyes have never lied,
You may have known my dreams,
If you had really tried.

It’s just that you look straight through me,
I feel ignored, and deserted.
Your eyes leave a sting in my soul
And yet you read nothing,
You know nothing.

It’s tough to be what I am,
A puzzle I have become,
You never bothered to know the code.
A boring riddle I am for you,
It’s tough to be what I am.

You want to walk along with me,
I want to hold your hand…
Preoccupied, you look away,
My cold hands are left trembling.

If one day I move ahead,
Or I fall back to catch my breath.
You will hold me guilty
And say it aloud,
You wanted to walk along with me.

But when we walk together,
Do you know,
How I hold back my screams,
How I drag my feet.

That I know this better,
You don’t want to walk with me.

You have a lot to offer me,
Your voice so sweet has often told me this
But dear, a reflection in my eyes can tell you
You just don’t know what I want.

With you or without you,
I yearn for you
And I never find you there.
With you or without you!