Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Ecstasy Of Pain 5

No Tear Is Born!

Somewhere in a quiet universe,
Silence grows into a lull
And ultimately shatters itself.

Darkness melts in darkness,
Thick as blood,
Rigid as clot,
You can almost see through it.

In haunted ignominy,
Solitude remains your only friend,
The dreaded comes true,
You fall in love with it.
Solitude is a brutal soulmate.

Some wounds can never heal,
Neither with love
Nor with time.
They integrate with your being.
A wounded existence!

In a ruined womb of pain,
No tear has ever been born!
It aches and bleeds,
A terrible spasm,
No matter how hard you push!

In a ruined womb of pain,
No tear is born!

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