Monday, May 7, 2007


I stood on the cliff
In a cold windy night,
The fierce, hungry night
Glared at me,hit me hard
Ready to tear me apart.
I had nothing to be robbed of,
For i was a hollow filled with dark,
Loathed, alone and friendless
Like the night itself.

We soon became friends
We talked of the glorious moon
And you.
Stars flashed across the sky
As i remembered you.
From one star to another
I tried to draw constellations.
All the outlines resembled you.

Playful, brutal jealous night,
Liked a perfect lover,
Played its witches-craft,
And the stars perished.
Voids were created in the night,
Like my heart itself.

Moments passed in silence,
Night was about to go,
It beckoned me.
My new soulmate, night,
Ultimately leaving me again,
On another marooned cliff.
I decided against it this time.
In the arms of night,
I leaped with joy.

Have you noticed a faint star
Near your window
Last few nights?


INDR's Angels said...

i wish i could write like you.
your work amazes me more and more as I read them.
just never stop writing and put a copyright tag for al your babies, at th end of all your poetic pearls.
copyright(c)yourname 2007.

Ankur said...

thank you indr.. it's a huge compliment..