Saturday, September 11, 2010

Living In A Dream..

What would it be like..
To live in a dream?

To walk barefoot
Among shadows
From citrus morning
To smoky dusk...
And to dissolve
At the turn of a day.

No looking back,
No good byes.
To just be
The carefree song
Of a gypsy night.

A browning journal
With no "To do list"
Or "Places you must see".
Just a few scribblings..
Found and lost
Along the way.

What would it be like
To wait on the horizon
In an illusion
A dear lie...
And be forgiven.

To slip away unnoticed
Behind the clouds...
No more promises
And all wishes resigned.

(c)Ankur Srivastava


Purvi said...

Reminded me of Davies's 'Leisure', only that this is gentler & so dreamy. Prhps every1z 'desire date' with life..

Ankur said...

thank you purvi :)

Short Poems said...

Lovely poem sooooooo beautifully written :)

Ankur said...


Deboshree said...

Hey Ankur :) :)

I adored the last stanza... simply beautiful work. Feels good to read from you after so long.

Ankur said...

Thank You Deboshree... so good to hear from you :)