Sunday, February 18, 2007

All Alone

One of my first poems, and the one which I read when I feel down,


I am all alone
But don't come with me.
No, i need none.

Don't listen to my screaming soul,
Don't follow my bleeding legs.
They all lie,
They only make my efforts foul.
I am telling the truth
I don't need you.

You will leave me in midway
May be I would collapse then.
So let me collapse now
Atleast I will try to rise.
Don't hold me in your arms,
Set me free to fly.
I will fall down happily otherwise,
Atleast, i will kiss the wind.

There is no medicine to heal my wounds
I don't want your intoxicating touch.
Because that will only fool my senses;
After you are gone
It wil ache more than ever before.
So let me bear this pain
It doesnt hurt anymore.

Let me walk alone
Don't come to help me,
If u wish...
Watch from a distance,
And hope that i rise again
Each time i tumble down.

Because this is my road;
I must walk with my load
And i must walk all alone....


ReDefining Definitions said...

yes you do walk alone
but you don't have to be lonely
share moments not life
with people not time
pain obliterates
nothing remains
happiness can't be absolute
to your own tunes
love heals and unveils
the part of you that needs a witness other than your own face...

Sometimes when I can't think ... said...

Thanks for such a wonderful comment,
I never used the word lonely, alone I am but not lonely. Cheers!