Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Two Love Poems

Well, I wonder why do people love because it seems that love brings so much pain but then I also think that you can't love if you don't know what pain is. It's in the darkest trench of pain that we know the real depth of love. And so I write,

1. An Ode To My Love

Burdened with time,
Broken into nasty days
And sleepless nights.
A moment remains free,
Undivided, whole, infinite.
The moment I spend with you

My soul-
Buried in a figment of universe.
Bound to hatred,
Lies hunger and defeats.
And I cling to you
With delicate rays
Sharing your warmth,
Luminosity and life.

I am-
Insecure and afraid
Of the conspiring tides.
Looking for hiding,
Your love spins a cocoon
And I survive the storms.
Come closer, my love!
The sobs of my grieving heart
Will merge into your rhythmic beats.
Mourning voices dissolve
In an enchanting love song.

O My Love!
Leave me for a moment not.
Embrace meand be my wings.
Let me fly
In your serene dark eyes

2. Valentine's Morning

The moon gazer held her hand,
As the night was about to end.
He prayed hopelessly
To hold back the last moments of night.
The sun was about to come.

Through her hair,
He reluctantly looked up.

The bond they shared was special,
It wasn’t a mere touch,
Their flesh almost merged together.

She smiled at him,
He smiled back,
A faint moonlight across their lips.

But Heavens never liked them.

As the sun came on,
Furious and brutal,
They embraced each other tightly.
Trying to forget the reality
That surrounded them.

The last words he whispered
In her lips,
“I saw a dream
And it winked at me.
I touched it And it vanished.”


Piyush said...

Bahut acchi hai yaar!!!!!
Real sexy!
Likhte jao!

Sometimes when I can't think ... said...

Thanks a lot piyush