Saturday, February 24, 2007

Two poems from euphoria and despair

You can't understand all emotions, can you?


We will meet again
After a long time perhaps
But for just one moment
We will meet for sure.

We will sit together
No words, no talks
No past to hold to,
No future to hope for,
Just that one moment...
That solitary moment;

Looking into each other's eyes
Not with the love
That brought us so close;
Not with the differences
That tore us apart;
Clear as dewdrops
Pure as morning light,
Just that one steady gaze
The only regard of the only moment;

You will know you
And I will find me,
You will have me
I will have you,
We will smile softly
At our foolish ignorance
That lasted so long;

That one moment will be
The only life of this life.

2.You or I?

You call me in the nights,
knowing that i fear darkness
and loneliness
my only loyal companions;

I answer your phone in deep slumber,
"i love you" is all i say,
all i have ever said,
all i can ever manage to say.
And you hang the phone i fall asleep.

"Insensitive", you may call me
but i have grown numb,
it has been my life....

I wake up with
streaks of dried tears on my face.
Unable to remember
who cried last night
YOU or I?


invisible reflections said...

wow..gaain i love the end!! right impact!!

Vijetha said...

You or I
we will meet again...
the most beautiful poems I have ever read....suuuuuuuuuuperb:-)..cheers

Anonymous said...

I'm Glad i ran across this web site.Added to my bookmark!

Ankur said...

Thank you :))