Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Ecstasy Of Pain

Two eyes awake in pain,
Beads of tears dead.
Dreams lie quiet, afraid, still.

Lips twisted in a smile,
Dry flaky lips,
They don't understand,
They can only feel.

A whisper echoes
In deep well of solitude,
Where despair sprouts up,
Roots of hope can never reach.

I pick up my paint-brush,
A crimson dot on blue canvas;
Colors reflect dimly.
Clouds wander, homeless,
They don't rain now,
They just wander.

The load of pain
Seems too heavy.
I burn them to ashes,
And burry in the ground.

I kick the earth,
Wounds open up again.
Ah! The ecstasy of pain,
I bleed, I walk.


invisible reflections said...

hey love the last para... cool

Sometimes when I can't think ... said...

Thanks, i was about to stop blogging due to lack of response, you saved me...