Monday, March 5, 2007


I make people laugh, they say I am a joker... I will tell you how it feels to be one,
It's about the real jokers, don't take this for me...


I am a joker
with a smiling mask,
not a magician
but almost as amusing.

Thrown on the stage
to make you laugh.
The jokes you hear
are a kind of prayer,
a communication to God
my struggle to survive.

My mask vivid and colorful
reds and greens and yellows,
let the dark remain hidden.
Read the animated expressions
don’t look into my eyes
or I may crumble down.

Raise your hands
for a huge applause,
and grin, whistle and make my fun,
that’s what I am here for.

Please don’t sympathize,
don’t come for a handshake,
and don’t ask me how I feel,
don’t chase me behind the curtains.

I am a joker;
don’t ask my name
I don’t remember.
I was born normal
but its what they say
I don’t really know.

One day the show will end for me
but you won't get a clue.
What you recognize is a mask
that will be passed on.
The agony of death
I will bear alone.


invisible reflections said...

cool work .. keep up the good work

Sometimes when I can't think ... said...

Thank you, Thanks a lot.

Vijetha said...

" I am a joker"..I am speechless..and thoughtless too..
Its sooooooooo beautiful..more than the poem , I like the thought..hats off..:-))..please go on and on..

Shreyans Mehta said...

its so painful... i mean tats the feeling it evoked in me when i read it...

classy... fantastic write! gr8 work buddy...