Sunday, March 4, 2007

I Am A Dream !

Neither the way I pretend
nor what I seem,
I am nothing but a dream..

With layers to be scratched,
Cryptic meanings,
Unplumbed depths
And hieghts unconquered,
A story untold,
A language unknown,
All painted in a blurred vision...

Loved or loathed,
A feeling of nostalgia
Often forgotten,
Colours will soon dissolve,
And voices in slumber
Would be lost,
Recognition and admiration
and the distance between,
Dream with ambitious wish....

Safe in your oyester eyes
I have got a lovely life,
Rays of sun will mark my end
Dawn will never descend,
I shall die even before
I truely come alive....

I am nothing but a dream...


Anonymous said...

sometimes mystic smtimes calm..n at times like a sm1's eyes it was life to sm else's it was dream...full of hopes n querries n some a mystry to some crystal clear... but cld not realise it self as wht he's meant to be...untill he saw himself in the eyes of a dream ...yeah it was a dream..longing to come true...
a dream ...just like u!

Anonymous said...

it was a great read bro..!!
keep going!

Ankur said...

Hey, thanks but why anonymous post,
the first post was great, made me realise how much i still have to learn.
please do write your name atleast while making anon. posts,
Thanks a lot