Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Love Calls Back

The cuckoo responds to the return of spring
From the sweet smelling mango trees.

Or, perhaps the spring comes back
On the soulful call of little cuckoo.

The rains answer the prayers
Of a thirsty, bald, burning earth.

The earth welcomes the rain song
With intoxicating earthy scent,
Tender green twigs spring up.

Flowers bloom at the outbreak of dawn,
As the glorious morning sun
Romance with their delicate petals.

It is the yearning of innocent buds
That calls back the sun every morning.

Such is the nature of love
The way two lovers regroup,
It seems eternal
And yet the moments race away.
Only to be relived and rediscovered.

May be, you pulled me back
May be, I knocked at your doors.
We are together again,
And everything else has faded away.

1 comment:

Shreyans Mehta said...

super romantic!

made me smile:) so it is a good day 4 u...

lovely work... duality is a nice concept...

its a fantastic piece of work... keep it up buddy... gr8 going...