Friday, March 16, 2007

Because Life Moves On

I look back
To see crowded roads
I left long ago,
Friends who deserted me
without a goodbye,
And gestures of kindness
From strangers.
"No looking back" I say
and move on.

Withered with thirst,
Tired, shattered and broken,
I look back again...
My mommy's lullaby,
My papa's strong shoulders,
My growing up,my first step,
My first failure,bruised knees,
Tears mixed with sand,
"No more tears", I hear
And move on.

Before a steep road,
Stoney and lonely,
With roadblocks all around,
I take a sigh and close my eyes...
I see my first date,
The blush on her cheeks,
My hasty voice,
Sweet nothings we wishpered,
The taste of her lips.

Suddenly I am shaken to truth,
No haunted solitude,
No one besides me.

I look inside...
So many memories
Yet i feel empty, drained, lost...
Voices fade away,
And breath is caught in my lungs,
Visions blurr...

I look ahead and
With a little shake of head,
A shrug of shoulders,
Clinched fist,
One giant stride
I move on.


sasha said...

hey nice one ankur! nice blog! got a reeli gud feel to de entire blog! nice!

Sometimes when I can't think ... said...

Thank you.

Shreyans Mehta said...

loved ur poem...

donno if all of it ws true... but in life u always have a choice...

Its either--
a) because life moves on OR
b) Because I want to move on...

In real life, i suggest option b is much better...

As for the poem, option a) seems pretty good... nice piece of work der:)

Ankur said...

Thank you Shreyansh, I completely agree with you... we should take our decisions in life and make our own choices