Friday, March 9, 2007


They walked together on the seaside
to see the sun rise,
his eyes were still sleepy
like he was walking in sleep
his dreams peeping through her eyes.

The dawn had not yet descended
the stars looked in awe
two people from different worlds
she was beauty and grace
wit and charm,he?
he was just a dreamer,
his hair like hay
and sleepy eyes,
they strolled together
between night and day.

She said in voice so lovely,
"the sand is so soft
like walking on cake"
he didnt feel it
he could only feel
her palm so soft in his hands
was he really awake???

"touch can be so touching!!!"
as his feet brushed against
her bare dovefeet,delibirately?

He thanked the wind
as her hair fell on his face
"once more o sweet breeze!"
this was way too good
he was clearly not at ease.

She admired the sun
as it rose from the sea;
"sun should rise from her bossom"
you know he was lost,
the sun or his love,
I am not sure
what caused him envy.

And then he felt the sunrise
as she kissed him on cheek
he touched her lips
his mouth was filled with sun
he couldnot speak.
the sun plunged into the waters
as he kissed her;

I can tell you what followed
but he cant because
in that one moment
he lost his senses
forever in her lips.

You know his eyes were sleepy
and he was a dreamer.


Anonymous said...

u r simply incredible!!!

Sometimes when I can't think ... said...

No, you are generous

Shreyans Mehta said...


u write real fine... some of ur works stand out far more than the others... the others r good but some r just splendid... n dis is one such splendid work!

Anonymous said...


Ankur said...

thank you :)