Friday, March 9, 2007

Caught In The Cobweb

On a corner of my window,
I found entangled strands of silver
Beaded with pearls,
Sining in the thin sunshine,
Amused by its delicacy
I moved closer.

To my surprise,
It was a cobweb
Ladden with dewdrops,
Arresting a tiny insect
Hanging in the air
Perhaps unaware of its fate,
A life slowly coming to an end.

I wonder,
Is that me?
Chained with sackles;
Simingly delicate yet so strong,
However elegant and beautiful;
Suspended between heaven and hell
Unaware of the peril.


Shreyans Mehta said...

Yup... similar to my poem...
and yet, a lot of subtle differences in the concept... like "unaware of the peril"... its easier when someone is not aware... my idea ws of a person in high-awareness n yet he is not being able 2 break free... urs is of som1 in the process to becoming highly-aware... hope he breaks the cage

btw, really nice work:)

Anonymous said...

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