Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Day In Love !

We wake up together.
Your warm breath,
Falling on my neck..
Senses coming to life.
Ah! One more day in love.

Your eyes,still sleepy,
Sunlight seeps in..
Through your eyes,
In my life.

A welcome kiss,
As the sun takes a dip,
Stars in your silky hair.
Your voice,
Singing a lullabye...

A hook undone,
The glorious moon arrives,
In this pale moonlit night,
In your anticipating starry eyes...
A dream i wish for you,
In your fragnant breaths,
I have kept it there..
Safe between my lips.

One more day in love,
Our goodnight prayer.
And love listens.


Sonali said...

Padhte padhte pyaar ho jaye... dangerous ryte.. i never knew ya write poems too... however am not surprised for u r juz bein yr own self...

SimplySam said...

that's a great piece, loved the last para...i actually feel lyk SINGIN it for my gal...

really gud yaar...!!!

Shalini said...

AHHHHH...just awesome

Wish this love always be there day n night till one dies.

Aryaa said...

wow....love so well described...made me go weak and want to fall in love...once more a great piece!!!