Friday, April 13, 2007

A Missing Star !

In an unending night,
You looked out of your window,
A dim star I was,
But your gaze gave me light.

Shinier than ever before
In the light of your love,
I challenged the sun.
I killed the dark ness,
And we grew fonder.

Your heart ached for me,
And I came closer to you…
We held hands and walked on
I was then your beloved lamp.

In a moment of passion,
You embraced me with your soul.
In your heart I found a new sky.
You called me your flame
The flame of life.

Now, the journey was yours,
I carried on,
Giving you warmth and love,
My very own blood burned
To keep the flame alive.

Your road has reached a dead end
You are reluctant to turn back,
And afraid to jump off.
I can show you no way
For there isn’t any.

Through all this,
I have completely forgotten
That once I was a star.
And I don’t know what I am now.


Anumeha said...

It's lovely man... rite from the caption to the last line... explains the dilemma of love

zomo said...

Man, i m a fan to your poems now... Keep it up