Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You and I

I have known you,
Like dreams, like angels,
Unreal, fantasy...
And you call me.

I reach for you,
With the moonlight at your window.
I hide in your eyelashes.
Open your eyes
Let the light come in my world.

For ages, centuries, eons...
I survived
Tucked in the curls of your hair
Falling over your face.

I breathe slow,
In the soft rhythm of your breath.
Let me touch your lips
Like nascent dew on petals
I want to melt away.

My little fingers
Tracing destiny on your palm
I write in the language unknown
My destiny with yours.

I write this poem
In your words,
I speak as you,
My voice merging with yours
And fading in the echo.

My soul is lost
In the halo of your being
I am but you.


Anonymous said...

Man. You have to teach me how to write poetry beautiful like yours :)

Ankur said...

he he...dear anonymous
leave a link...we will talk about sometning...

akanksha said...

its lovely....

Ankur said...

thanks akanksha.. :) so sweet of you..