Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My life has a little opening,
That leads straight to hell...
I shut my eyes
To save from nightmares,
To stop peeping through that crack.
This is how I dream.

I have seen ghosts,
With wide awake eyes,
Their eyes, faces and shadows
Like you and me...
But I never know
If one walked right into my life...
Into me?

Often I think
When did this crack first appear?
I have forgotten for so many days
I have lived at this doorstep of hell.
May be...It was always there.

And yet there was a time,
Of angels and lullabyes
Of true promises
And pristine love...
Those were the days
I never looked at that opening.

Last many nights
I feel this urge
To walk behind that crack
And vanish into the hell
That has slowly crept into my life...
Through that opening.

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