Thursday, April 29, 2010


I walk alone,
From the forest of dreams,
A tiny wish plucked away..
I feel the wind of desire,
Brushing my hair.
And I hold my breath.

A stare at the sun,
I let it look down at me..
Proud of its light;
Oh dear, beast of light!
you may look down at me,
I will rise again tomorrow,
To stare at you.

My blood has lost its red,
It's now black and white,
The color of my soul.
My smile,
a twisted lip on frozen face.
And my eyes will show nothing,
Just emptiness,
So deep,
You wont dare to reach.

I am here all by myself,
Dont know,
Where I will end up,
I run against destiny,
From the forest of dreams.

A solitary traveler,
Is on the hunt,
Smelling tears,
I love the pain...

Anybody around?
To reach for me?
'Just back off and stay away! '

(c) Ankur Shrivastava


Pravin Nair said...

hi there!

Nice poem there..the lines flowed..

I also write poems...Pls do pay me a visit at my page at:

thnks!Keep writing!

Ankur said...

thank you pravin, i ll surely visit your page.

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Ankur said...

dear anonymous.. u can share links..