Saturday, May 1, 2010


The rusty shackles of last night's dreams
Melted away in the flaring sun.
In a never ending dusty afternoon,
He woke up, almost reborn...

Some remembered him,
"Ah! the boy with the sad smile."
Others believed,
He had risen from the grave.

For, his face was blank...
A smile hauntingly pasted.
He hummed a strange tune,
Staring into nothingness.

He was never seen before,
Or perhaps went unnoticed.
But then he set his thumping feet
On the empty streets
And dust kicked off.

As the Sun bowed to his feet,
Looking up at the heavens,
He rose a toast,
To the mourning for strangled dreams.

He seemed sad and yet so strong,
Grief embarrassed;
And guilt was set free
Naked, in the chilly evening breeze.

The innocence of a full moon,
Was put aside with disdain.
He played with the shadows of night.

And painted the dark
On his face.
Mask of sanity scrapped.

He walked the road,
The beast he always was. 
(c)Ankur Srivastava


Aayushi Mehta said...

Strong words, strong imagery:)

Ankur said...

thank you...

aky said...

gr8 dear...
u hv written nicely ones feeling..

Venkat said...

Ankur, I must say that your most recent work left me searching for the extra bit of sensitivity and difference which I know you are well capable of. 90% of those who write live up to the standard images, words, situations and emotions. You were a part of the other 10% which is able to differentiate itself because that 10% writes for the sake of conveying something genuine, not for the sake of writing. In this one, and some of the others, I see you making a transition to the 90%. Please dont, you belong elsewhere. I know I come across with unexpected words, but if I was to simply praise and move on, I would be doing you, and myself, a disservice. If this was anybody else, I would congratulate them. With you, I cannot do that, so I hope I see the differentiation again, soon. Keep writing :)

Ankur said...

thank you aky. :)
@ Venkat
Thank you. It's always nice to have your honest view.. I haven't written since a long time and I am kind of searching for words but I want to write again.. I will perhaps come up with something better next time. i will inform you when i write :) because that has been the way almost since i started writing :)

Preeti Datar said...

Ankur, it's never about coming up with something better. It's only about writing and improving your style with each piece. I enjoyed this one, though the use of words could have been better. The close was powerful.