Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where is the poem?

"Where is the poem?”
You asked. Your eyes, still so beautiful,
If eyes can be painted in words,
Their color, and sheen,
And the way kohl smudges after a tired day.
And the pain and silent tear
That never falls.

I told you not to talk of poems,
For, poems make us sad,
Rather look out of the window
The rain is about to fall.
The drops are sweet like teenage love,
Oh teenage love! Why doesn’t it last?

May be I will write a poem again,
A poem that won’t make us sad,
Like the flowers in the vase,
Oh! Don’t they look real?
And yet they will never die.

A poem with a smiling face,
Like your photograph in living room,
That hasn’t aged, not at all.
But, then I want the lines of your face,
That remind me how you added a little love
To the everyday pains of my life.

I can’t write a poem.
But may be someday,
I will steal one,
From the way your hair hides your face
When you are asleep.

You can find it in your lazy yawn,
I will read to you
In a sweet morning kiss.

Ankur Srivastava(c)


Aayushi Mehta said...

I love this poem, almost every part of it. Awesome work.

Good you've revamped your blog, looking great, hope you ll start posting more stuff:) looking forward to reading you.

Ankur said...

thank you so much ayushi.. ya i ll try to wite more.. i got this feeling after reading you blog the other day :)

Usha Pisharody said...

You have an eye for fine detail, both in emotion and description. The kohl smudging under tired eyes is so evocative!

Oh teenage love! Why doesn't it last? would read better than the way it is in the poem I think. That was the only out of place line I could figure out, in a beautiful poem.

It is there, here.. in the words you gift!

Ankur said...

Thank you mam, for the compliment and the advice..
i ll make that change and look up to you for more such advices.. tell me wherever i can make these little adjustments. language is not my gift.. i don't enjoy reading much :-(
I look up to you not for just your nod that you liked something but also for pointing out mistakes with punctuation and these little things.. do tell me when you don't like a piece too.. :)