Friday, April 23, 2010


8 AM,

Something is buzzing in my head,
I fly off the cliff in my dream…
Oops! I trip from my bed,
Bang! On the cold floor.
Alarm clock screeching.
Ah! Not today.


I zoom on my bike,
Engine cold, fuel low,
False gear and cranky brakes
Broken headlight, shirt soiled
Heavy fine, angry cops.
Ah! Not today.

9 AM,

Slowly I walk to bus stop,
And there she goes
In her flashy car.
And is there a guy with her?
Holding her just the way I ache to.
Ah! Not today.


I reach the college gate,
Alas! The lifts are jammed,
I take the stairs for 7th floor.
Hurried feet miss a step,
Pangs in back and a screaming gut.
Ah! Not today.


Guys laugh and girls giggle,
I am one stupid joke,
Professor asks for apology,
I open my bag and reach for pen
And see what comes out, a cigarette!!!
Ah! Not today.


Time means little now,
Kicked out of the class
I head for an expensive breakfast.
Coffee and dessert with chocolate sauce.
God! Where was it that my wallet fell?
Ah! Not today.

11 AM,

The restaurant owner is a burly man,
He bullies me to do the dishes
To pay for the breakfast bill,
I settle on “waiter stuff” instead.
And in comes she, with her friends.
Ah! Not today!

Ankur Srivastava(c)


Aayushi Mehta said...

This was unbelievable and hilarious, though I shouldn't be laughing at others misfortunes. :)

Ankur said...

thanks.. it was my first attempt at writing sumthin funny..m glad dat u liked it

Piyush said...

A wonderful piece that allows the author to depict deep emotions without making a hue and cry over it.
Just when it looks that things couldn't be any worse, he turns around and flashes a smile.
At the end, one is left with the feeling in the mind -- Is he gonna give in to the frustration?
Ah! Not today!

Ankur said...

that's a lovely compliment piyush.. thanks a lot!!!

Aditya said...

i really liked the concept ankur!!! something which is rare nd so likeable!!!
keep the good work coming.... way to go!

strider said...
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Ankur said...

Thanks aditya..feels great to have your name here on my board.. :)

pringles said...
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pringles said...

Ah yes, today is the poem that strikes the exact chord with me too! happenes so often na? When Ur burnt out with too many things and more add onto the bundle of embarrasment that you yourself are, it becomes a terrible day! Kudos for writing such realistic relatable stuff. :)