Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wrong Dream!

Have you ever dreamt?
Tender and misty,
Without calculation,
And felt it hit you
In the chest.

A heavy heart,
A heavy sigh...
Have you searched
For those wishing wells
From fairy tales...

I have...
And so I stand on the shore,
Waves come, tides rise and fall,
No clue of the missing pearls
From my eys.

After every triumph
Have you known...
The glory is shortlived
The admiration false.

I have...
And so I stand
On the losing side.
Waiting for time to deliver
That knockout punch.

And when I close my eyes forever,
I will dream one last time,
My dear dream
That went wrong.

(c)Ankur Shrivastava


Aayushi Mehta said...

Haunting, stark, painful and beautiful
You re really a genius.

Ankur said...

hey, thanks ayushi.. m not a genius o nethin.. bt i like to write these dark poems

priyanka said...

well, this piece's reeally appreciable..

Ankur said...

thank you priyanka..

strider said...

"After every triumph
Have you known...
The glory is shortlived
The admiration false."

True, true :)

Ankur said...

Thank you! :)

Sergio A. Ortiz said...

I have been reading your poems (poems first, short stories and other things latter) and I like the youthful emotions I find in them. I wonder if you've read Pablo Neruda's love poems? There are many online in English. You should read them, it is like going to the university and getting an MFA in love poem writing. And to think he wrote most of them at the age of 18. Keep writing, but also read, read, read. I can't stress that enough! I will return. Keep me informed of each new post on your blog my dear friend.


Ankur said...

Thank you so much Serg. I really appreciate your views. It's so nice of you to have a look at my work and give an opinion. thank you!