Friday, May 14, 2010


Wrapped in a silk robe
Of shining darkness,
She knocks at your door.

Her fancy bag promises
Rainbow gifts from a distant world,
But you know
Those are dreams from the past.

If you let her in,
The night will simmer
In her stories of dreams.
And its lurid layers
Will melt drop by drop.

Her mysterious tone
Will rise and fall,
You will ache
To catch a glimpse of her face.

Then she will be gone,
A lipstick stained wineglass,
A sweet surreal scent
Left to linger in the room.

So, you pretend deaf,
Behind bolted door.
Her knock; light and faint,
Dissolving in familiar noises.

Can you stop
From looking out of the window
When those dreams
Run homeless in the streets?

She is knocking!
(c)Ankur Srivastava 


Leena said...

Eerie ... beautiful ... somewhat suspense building .... and a little frightening with an air of mystery !!! who is she anyway ?!!

Ankur said...

She is the "sleepless night" :-)

Aayushi Mehta said...

WOW!This was gorgeous:) The night can really be so beautiful at times.

pavani said...

hey hi!!!dis is the first time iam visiting ur blog...hmm...its simply superbb..i liked ur poetry...ur wat of expressing the feelings are really awesome...and i also wish to suggest u if u really dont mind..hmmm..just add some rhyming words 2 ur really gives some color to ur words...all d best...

Ankur said...

thanks a lot pavani, thank you so much.
i dont try too hard to rhyme bcuz you have to maintain a rhyming scheme and sometimes for that,u have to compromise on the choice of words for that. but i ll soon post a rhyming poem and send you the link.
thanks for the read, the compliment and ur suggestions. means a lot to me..

Ankur said...

Thank you so much Aayushi! yeah, night is beautiful..

pavani said...

yeah...thanks for taking my suggestion...i wish u all the very best..

Ankur said...

thank you pavani :)