Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love and Longing

Love and Longing

For all the sweetness of love,
And uncountable kisses;
There shall always be
On the tip of tongue
A salty drop of tear,
A thirst unquenchable.

I wait for you
Dressed in soft, white sand;
A little of my shore
Is eaten away every day.
 Such is the hunger of love.

A glorious moon conspires.
Every night,
You leap in passion
To touch the moon.
I wait for you
Every night
In envy and love.

You fall in my arms,
And I hold you.
I am your bottom, ain't I?
You dream of the moon,
In my arms.

  Tides of pain rise and fall.
You, playful and young,
I, Drowned in your pain.
Longing for you
To turn back.
You wont turn away.

A moment...
Still, in time.
Framed, in boundless space.
We stand together
In the infinite sea
Of love, longing and passion.
At the edge of the world.

(c) Ankur Srivastava


Sergio A. Ortiz said...

A little of my shore
Is washed away every day.
Eaten away
In the rush of passion.

You have some really wonderful lines that are full of emotion and passion like the ones above, Ankur.


Ankur said...

Oh, thank you Sergio. I am so happy that you liked it.

Leena said...

hey ankur its awsummmm ..!! u have explicitly shown the depth of your passion ... combined with heart renching pain ... beautiful !! :D

Ankur said...

Thank you Leena, you were so quick to read and comment. thank you so much..

Chandrika Shubham said...

Nice one! :)
Emotions are very well expressed.

Best wishes. :)

Ankur said...

thank you chandrika ji, for drooping by and appreciating my work.. :) thanks a lot for your wishes

vishal said...

A touching poem....

Ankur said...

thank you so much vishal..

Venkat said...

Metaphor is excellent and lends itself to a lot. You have successfully taken this into the realm of the good. Shorten it without sacrificing the feeling and make it great :)

Ankur said...

I ll try to do that surely... i ll try to be more economic..thank you so much for every advice. please never stop reading me... it really helps me...

Aayushi Mehta said...

This was beautiful.