Wednesday, June 2, 2010



I wonder...
When did it start,
And how
Boundaries merged.

I was a liar,
But not to you.
You were shy
But not to me.
You called me a flirt,
Yet, trusted like a child.

Did we begin
With the first "hello"
only after the last "bye"?

I look back
For the moment...
When I found you
In me.

Was it..
When we cried together?
Our stolen giggles?
Or your comforting words?

Why do you trust me?
When did I decide,
To stay by your side,
No matter what?

I try to trace the roots
Of this wonderful friendship
But it goes deeper
Than my soul can reach.

We may be miles away,
But from my evenings
A little lane
Reaches your window.
I know
You are smiling now.
"Do you think
I am flirting?"

At your little door,
This envelope comes
Kissed with love,
From me.

So many things
I still don't know.


When I look back,
I see you!

When I look ahead,
I find you!

(c) Ankur Srivastava

(written 3/6/07
revised: today :)


kirti.. said...

too good..
to say the least...selected words which spoke the unspoken..

akanksha said...

bhot pyari hai...gr8 work..:)
n is baar mujhe samajh bhi aa gai yaar:D

Ankur said...

Thank you Esha...
Thanks akanksha :)