Thursday, June 3, 2010

6 word stories

Dreams floated in her eyes, misty. 

Bubbles of hope..


My jeans, once blue,

A candle melts before its time. 

Love invites, passion lures... night surrenders!

Dream inspires, hope survives...
Destiny cheats!

A small-town street-fighter with royal blood.


kirti.. said...

effective is jst the wrd..

loved all the stories..
and cud completely relate to "Dream inspires, hope survives...
Destiny cheats! "

m flabbergasted..
u've summed up the entire life here!!

Aayushi Mehta said...

WOW! How talented are you?? These are awesome! My fav is the second one:)

Ankur said...

thank you Kirty.. :)
glad, you liked them

Ankur said...

Thanks a ton Ayushi.. well, to tell you the truth i first saw this 6 word story thing on your blog.. thanks a lot for that wonderful compliment.. [:)]

Piyush said...

This piece has a way of connecting to each and every person who might read it, while giving them the freedom to explore the depth of those words according to their own perceptions..

Something I have come across for the first time, and was very interesting!

Samrat said...

abe loved it !

makes u read it again n again...exact meanin of perfect !

Anonymous said...

India happens to be a democracy. No publication requires an author's or poet's permission to rate or review a piece of writing displayed on a public forum. Hope this clarifies. Thanks. :)

(editor, the fourth dimension blog)

Ankur said...

Thanks Piyush.. Thank you Sam

Ankur said...

Dear Serah.. Calling any pece as boring, flaky or aspirational wont serve any purposeif youdont explain it to me... I dont even think I should listen to you if you cant really justify it

Anonymous said...

Ah! You seem to be attentive! There are enough examples of what is not flaky, boring, et al on the blog from active poets all over the world! For the interested, it would be no trouble at all to find them and learn from them, and I'm sure you are! :) Good luck!

The matter is closed at my end now.

Yet, for further communication on this matter or any other matter, kindly mark a mail to Mrityunjay S, our communication manager. The id is

Please expect delays. It is not possible for us to spend so much time explaining the obvious to one poet as we service several hundreds. :)

(editor, the fourth dimension blog)