Sunday, June 6, 2010


To mend that imperfect line,
I look for words again,
A lost poet tries hard,
To dip his love in sea of pain.

If words ever mattered,
I would have found a way,
You walk over the tottered pages,
Where my afraid dreams lay.

My heart beats in stern silence,
I care not for the blessed rhyme,
I have lost my song,
In the noise of indifferent time.

I still love for the sake of love,
And love talks in broken sighs,
Have you noticed the blood,
In my two smiling eyes.

Desperate to lose it all,
I walk to the edge of dark,
I have hoped long to heal,
My wounds remain open and stark.

To mend that imperfct line,
I look for words again,
Why write a poem for you,
Words are destined to go in vain.
(c)Ankur Shrivastava


Piyush said...


It was like the thunder, a bolt of lightning strong, fierce, and knightly!

kirti.. said...

absolutely.. totally agreed with piyush,... a masterwork it is!

phew.. i wish i could write sooo effectively!!

pVijay913 said...

Nice write... :)

pringles said...

While the poem had been well writ, my absolute favourite are the third and the fourth stanza. There is just one thing that I didnt exactly agree with, that is :
[A lost poet tries hard,
To dip his love in sea of pain.]
I belive, while individually these two lines are extremely significant, they dont match with the poem's mood completely, or rather clash here:
[I have hoped long to heal,
My wounds remain open and stark.]
Yet, U kno, what I feel is, that each poet has a reason to put words the way they come, so U must have a completely justified, even if not explicable reason for this clash of words, Mr. Lost poet! :P
All in all, what I mean to say is, that the poem IS good. And please, putone of your poems about writers and poets, U know where, exactly where I too put them! ;)

akanksha said...

That is a masterpiece! Loved it!
Amazing poetry!

Ankur said...

Thank you every one.. Piyush, Vijay, Akanksha :) Am delighted with your compliments :)