Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lost !

On her hands, he writes a verse..
always the lost poet
who has told a long story
in broken silence

In his sack,
he carries a brush,
a pencil with blunt tip
and a few sketches
he has stolen from
an unvisited memory lane.

he wrote about paper boats,
fallen maple leaves
and a rainbow that has faded,
colors blended, blurred...

Sometimes, he looks at her
for a long time,
closing his eyes..
he lives in a fear,
that there will never be an escape..
that the poet will forever be lost,
found and unfound...

I found him last evening,
he looked sad...
but he reasoned,
there is nothing to be sad about.
I chose not to say,
happiness can't be reasoned.

And so he lives,
restless and resigned..
at the same time,
a lover and a loner,
broken in halves..
he tries to smoothen the edges
of what is left of the broken...



Anonymous said...

Very nicely written. love the first para

JoY said...

Wonderfully poignant!

Unknown said...

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Peelaa Daa Batterry said...

this is awesome

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