Monday, August 29, 2011


In the deafening silence
Of a hollow laugh,
Something, somewhere is often missed.
In the hundred lies we live everyday,
And the truth that remains
Naked, battered and cold
In an ego that is too proud
To just wither away, choked.

And so I stand on the edge,
Of a sad smile,
Ready to fall in the bleeding pits of eyes
Where a dream remains
Like a shred of glass.
I am ready to fall
To break into a million pieces,
Not ready to die
Without one final rebellion.

Some people reach a breaking point,
Some wait,
Torturing themselves,
Taking it all
And not once asking,
"when is enough?"

They will be freed,
After the turmoil
Without a trace of lie left behind
To wither slow.

There are rivers,
That revolt,
And die in their youth,
No salty surrender for them.

And so I wait,
To be hit real hard
And stand, unshaken.
To fight back
And fall for once
After the fight is won.
Without ever hearing
The countdowns.

Because I have to wait
Through every day defeats
And meaningless victories
To be shattered
With no pity.

~Ankur Srivastava