Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Ecstasy Of Pain 3

I refuse to smile,
No, I can’t,
I am sad, I don’t feel cheerful.
Smile is the expression of bliss.
It should be innocent
Tender, playful,
May be naughty at times.
Like it once was.

It should not be forced
Or else,
It will look like a crack
A break, a scar, a wound.

It can’t be used as a mask.
I won’t wear facades.
I am not guilty,
I need not hide.

I am simply hurt,
Badly hurt,
Brutally hurt.
My pain is real, innocent
Please let it be.
Please let it heal.

I won’t scream
It’s not my way.
I need no lullabies
So, what if I can’t sleep.
I will stay up, awake;
And weave new dreams.

Silence will discover peace
Pain will meet joy.
I will find me.


Charul said...

Ah, a kid's write...
so beautiful.
i like the way you force poetry to it's boundaries.

Rainbow-Sheep said...

I love this poem :) I love the nature of smile, not being a mask.

Sometimes when I can't think ... said...

Thank you,
And Charul I express myself, I don't know a thing about poetry.

invisible reflections said...

ohhh superb.. loved ur thoughts.
keep it up ..