Monday, March 12, 2007

The Ecstasy Of Pain 2

You may have seen nightmares
And woken up screaming.
Last night I woke up
To see the worst nightmare
And I could not scream,
Neither could I sleep again.

I went for a stroll
It was early morning,
Or late night perhaps.
Didn’t really matter,
As all times seemed alike.

The day slowly unfolded,
A little child in me
Wanted to cry again,
But it was crowded in the park,
A frantic pain rose in my chest.
And only smoke came out
Through my hollow eyes.

I walked on,
But could not feel the earth,
No, I wasn’t numb,
I was stuck,
I was sinking with the earth.

Ah, it was great pain
To see the earth sinking.
Even the sky screamed,
A scar across it’s dark face,
Tears poured on all of us,
Blood came through the scar
They called it rainbow.

But, I know
The earth and sky were hurt
And me too.

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invisible reflections said...

hmm .. nice.. bt couldnt get the msg though.. btw u on orkut? can't locate u .