Sunday, March 4, 2007

Eternal Bliss

I tiptoe into the noisy town,
One more dusty afternoon.
A little child crying in a corner.
I split a candy into two,
We shared a sweet smile.

The day is breezy again.
A small window opens at dawn,
Dew drops sparkle in the sun,
A momentary bliss to hold on to.
The numbness in my tearful eyes
Evaporate with a ray of hope,
Giving way to nascent dreams.
A thousand wishes live again.

On a lost way in mid desert,
There is an oasis at last.
I thank the mirages,
They kept me going for so long.

A stormy, gloomy, rainy evening,
A bud opens reluctantly,
A bird hides in my little hut.
Rainbow slowly unfolds its beauty,
I walk on the dissolving colors.
Sweet earthy smell shows me way.

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